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Barthol Van Voytz


Commander in Chief, Crusade 5th Army

Tanith Status


First Appearance

The Guns of Tanith

Last Appearance

Only in Death

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Lord General Barthol Van Voytz is the commander in chief of Macaroth's 5th Crusade, and supreme commander of the second front. Van Voytz was brought in to replace Lord-General Hechtor Dravere after the former was killed during the battle for Menazoid Epsilon as commander of the 5th Crusade Army, a force which included the Tanith 1st Regiment. Van Voytz first came into contact with Ibram Gaunt and his regiment at Phantine when he took a personal interest in the Taniths's stealthing ability. Since then, he has frequently been in command of the field taken by the Tanith and taken a steadfast approach to ensuring their correct useage. Van Voytz is seen as a personal friend of Gaunt, and is his most powerful ally.

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