Livy Kolea was Gol Kolea's wife, and the biological mother of Dalin and Yoncy Criid. She was killed during the initial shellings in the Vervunhive War, while at Transit Station C-4.

Vervunhive War Edit

Livy was travelling in-city to the main hive, with her children Dalin and Yoncy, in order to buy new pair of canvas mittens for Gol, when the hive's klaxons began wailing. She initially lost Dalin to the crowd, and panicked attempting to find him. However, Tona Criid brought him back safetly, though Livy was highly suspicious of her. As Livy attempted to take her children to safety, she was killed by shrapnel from a stray shell as the bombardment began.

(Necropolis, 2000)