Lijah Cuu
Gender: Male
Origin: Vervunhive
Before the Regiment:Hive criminal
Current Status: K.I.A
First Appearance: Honour Guard
Last Appearance: Only in Death
Book Count: 5

Lijah Cuu.... TBC

Lijah Cuu was another Vervunhiver recruited into the Ghosts after the battle for Vervunhive. Cuu was reputed for his sharp shooting and stealth skills, but was never moved to either of the regiment's specialist devisions, but rather chose to remain as a basic infantryman as part of Sergeant Kolea's (and later Criid's) platoon. A natural born killer, he was amoral and disliked by most of the Ghosts, especially Larkin. He has looted shops, despite the coins being defaced, and even raped and murdered a civilian woman. He murdered 'Try Again' Bragg on Phantine for turning him in for looting, and then Sehra Muril on Aexe Cardinal after she accused him of Bragg's murder. He also made several unsuccessful attempts on Larkin's life for the same reasons. On Herodor he killed Corbec and wounded Gaunt and Dorden with a lasgun while trying to assassinate Saint Sabbat, but was shot dead by Larkin as he was trying to finish off Gaunt with his knife. At the time of his attempted assassination he was under the psychic influence of Pater Sin's psykers who exploited his murderous nature to imprint him with the task of killing Saint Sabbat.

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