Karples Doppelganger was an artificial/psychic manifestation of the Cadogus 52nd's deceased tactician, Karples, who appeared at Hinzerhaus and acted in it's defense during the Blood Pact siege, along with Berenson Doppelgänger. The nature of this appearance and the existence of a physically manifested doppelganger is a mystery, and no explanation has been put forward. The anamoly ceased to be after it died of it's wounds following the battle at Upper West 16 in Hinzerhaus.

Appearance at Hinzerhaus Edit

Karples Doppelganger first appeared along with Berenson Doppelganger when they were positively identified by members of the Tanith 1st Regiment dismounting a personnel transporting Valkiryie outside Hinzerhaus's main gate, despite the actual Berenson and Karples being killed when their Valkiriye was shot down en route to Hinzerhaus.

The anamoly served as a tactical envoy to the Tanith 1st, and Karples himself provided a tactical de-brief of the Jago war theatre situation to Gaunt with a portable hololith. Karples Doppelganger later volunteered to man Beltayn's high bandwidth vox caster and was in the battle for Upper West 16. It died of it's wounds after losing both legs and suffering a fatal torso wound. Before it died, it informed Rawne that Gaunt had died in the battle, and that his efforts deserved a medal.

It was later discovered by Hark that the Valkiriye taking Karples and Berenson to Hinzerhaus had been shot down en route, both dying in the process.

Unanswered Questions Edit

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  • If Karples was killed en route, how did he 'die' again at Upper West 16?

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