Jessi Banda


Outer-Habs North, Vervunhive, Verghast

Before the Regiment:

Loom Worker, scratch company guerilla

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Trooper Jessi Banda is a sniper as part of Meryn's E Company in the Tanith 1st regiment, and was formerly Rawne's assigned sniper in 3rd Platoon. She was one of the first female sharpshooters, and one of the first Vervunhivers. Before joining the regiment as part of the act of consolation, she was a loom worker, and was part of Gol Kolea's guerilla unit during the war. A cocky and witty young woman, Banda is seen as being highly attractive to many of the male members of the regiment and has had relationships with two senior officers. Banda is one of the most effective sharpshooters in the regiment.

Appearance Edit

Banda is described as being shortish with a curvy, well made physique and brown curly hair. She has an attractive face which normally wears a cheeky grin and has full lips.

When angry, her face takes an unappealing and expressive look.

Personality Edit