Lilith Abfequarn


Former Inquisitor, Ordo Hereticus

Tanith Status


Featured in:

Witch Hunt, Ghostmaker

Inquisitor Lilith Abfequarn is a former Inquisition agent of the Ordos Hereticus, and assigned to work with the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, charged with routing out potential psykers within the Imperial Guard. Lilith first came into contact with the Tanith in orbit of the planet Monthax, where a Volpone tip off saw her investigate Brin Milo on the grounds of psyker potency, and despite finding him untouched, once again worked to find him on the planet's surface during the battle for the Eldar ruins. Daughter of a Planetary Governess whose world edged the stamping grounds of the Eldar, and which suffered numerous Eldar raids as such. This led her to have a deep desire for revenge against the Eldar and it is this reason that she accompanied the Tanith First into the Eldar ruins, where there she put her great knowledge of the Eldar to use in closing the Dolth Webway portal found there after the Farseer Eon Kull died. She is presumed to be alive within the Eldar Craftworld of Dolthe.

Appearance Edit

"A tall woman who dresses in a simple uniform of black; boots, breeches, jacket. Her ash-fair hair is worn pinned up tight around her skull and her face is calm, lean, angular and beautiful."

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