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Honour Guard is the fourth Gaunt's Ghosts from Dan Abnett and the first in The Saint series. It was first published in July 2001. The Tanith First, now swelled with new Verghastite recruits, takes to its first field, Hagia, but a cataclysmic event leaves the future of the regiment and Gaunt's career in doubt, forcing them to undertake a grave mission that could be their last to receive redemption.

Black Library Summary
Commissar Ibram Gaunt and the Tanith First-and-Only are ordered to defend a shrine-world, vital to the morale of Imperial forces in the Sabbat system. But the forces of Chaos have set their own sights on this prize and will stop at nothing to claim it for their dark masters. As the raging maelstrom of battle begins, Gaunt and his discover the real reason for the planet's importance: the remains of the ancient saint who first led mankind to victory in these stars.

Plot Summary Edit

A Day for Heroes Edit

Betwixt the wash of the river and the waft of the wind, let my sins be transfigured to virtues.

- Catechism of Hagia, bk I, chp 3, vrs xxxii

Gaunt and a squad of his men, including new recruits Lillo and Vamberfeld, fight their way across an ancient square in the Doctrinopolis of Hagia, noticing the strung up remains of the world's king as they do....

Servants of the Slain Edit

'Let the sky welcome you, for therein dwells the Emperor and his saints.

- Saint Sabbat, proverbs

Milo makes his way...

Analysis & Extras Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Gaunt
  • Corbec
  • Vamberfeld
  • Daur
  • Milo
  • Hark

Narrative Structure Edit

Honour Guard's bulk follows a chronologically linear but narratively nonlinear divide, which sees two seperate plot points covered concurrently. One section focusses on Gaunt and the bulk of the regiment making their way to the Shrinehold, while the other sees Corbec and his 'Wounded Wagon' making their way alone.

Prior to this, it follows the same narrative, which again resumes when Corbec and his group reach their destination. The only 'flashback' is one that is spoken of by Gaunt to Rawne, regarding his blood pact with Slaydo.

Title Meaning Edit

The title is fairly obvious, although it could refer both to the mission as a whole, to be the honour guard for the return of Sabbat's remains, or Corbec and his group of 'believers'. The latter option seems more likely following Sabbat Martyr.

Themes Edit

  • One Last Stand (The defence of the Doctrinopolis, Corbec's escape from Pater Sin)
  • Irony (Vamberfeld, who was troubled by not being spoken to by the Saint, turned out to be the Martyr through his journey)

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearances for Beltayn, Cuu, Hark and Zweil.