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Sparshard Mons Edit

  • The mons is, and always was, a Chaos gateway to the warp. The multisecular design is for religuos significance.
    • If it was built by the ruinous forces, it would never have been allowed to stay untouched on an Imperial held world.
    • This assumes that the Imperials would have figured that out.  Considering that they did not seem to know about the Warp-related properties of the "stones", it is quite possible the Imperium was simply clueless on many of its properties.


  • The Mons is not a gateway per se, but there are gateways between the compartments.
    • Mkoll says, while talking to Gaunt, that he could see the gateways lined up in a row, in the walls.
      • This could mean that the Mons doesn't actually exist, it is just a shell, with the compartments being in the warp.
      • This is backed up by the inability of the Imperium to observe much from orbit in spite of the "rooms" being open to the sky.
  • The center of the Mons is a gateway through the warp, to another planet.
    • To another planet in the Sabbat Worlds, held by Chaos, to draw reinforcements from.
    • To a planet in the warp, again to draw reinforcements from.
      • The 'stalkers' could be made on one of these planets and sent into the Mons.

Cirk's Deal Edit

  • Cirk agreed to give the inquistion information on the untill and the 'anti-chaos' moth venom in exchange for Gaunt and his team being released, and this will come up later in the series.

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