Ghostmaker is a Gaunt's Ghosts short story from Dan Abnett. It was first published in Inferno in 1997. In 2000, it was incorporated into a collected works novel - also named Ghostmaker - which used it as it's first chapter.

Ghostmaker tells the story of how Gaunt came to Tanith, of the founding, the fall of Tanith, and the regiment's first action, at Blackshard. Chronologically, it is the first Gaunt's Ghosts story.

Plot Summary Edit

Gaunt and his adjutant are riding a cutter from orbit to Tanith Magna, on the forest world, to oversee the formation of the new Tanith regiments that Gaunt is to take command of. Initially asleep, Gaunt dreams of a forest burning before being woken by his adjutant, Sym, who has news of their plans for the day. Gaunt, impatient and wary of official ceremonies, tells Sym to arrange for the Tanith to being embarkation immediately. Sym gossips that the Nal forests of Tanith move, and that some say they are touched by Chaos, which Gaunt ignores.

On the ground, Gaunt's cutter is spotted by Corbec, who talks with his tent-mates, Rawne and Larkin, about who is onboard. They are on the founding fields outside the hive,