Gerome Landerson


Ineuron Town, Gereon


Commander, Gereon Resistance

Tanith Status


First Appearance

Traitor General

Last Appearance

The Armour of Contempt

Major Gerome Landerson is the current commanding officer of the Gereon Resistance, and a former officer in the ranger company of the Gereon PDF. Landerson worked in the guise of a iconoclave labourer during the first stages of occupation, before being selected by his commanding officer, Colonel Ballerat, to be the Resistance envoy to the Gereon 12. Landerson later joined the mission team for the remainder of their mission and became the joint leader of the resistance after they were descimated in a diversion attack on the Lecitica Bastion. Following the mission team's evacuation, Landerson took overall command with Mkvenner and held them firm untill Gaunt's return. Landerson is currently believed to be alive and active in the Gereon Untill with the resistance.

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