Sergeant Garond

A Verghastite, Garond served as a Trooper in the Vervun Primary before joining the Tanith First on Verghast. Upon joining up he was posted into Eleven Platoon, along with the likes of Gutes, Loglas, Bragg, Caill, Larkin, Brehenden and Tokar. He is first mentioned in Honour Guard, when he volunteers to join the rescue team, led by Sergeant Gol Kolea, which ignores orders from Gaunt himself and goes in search of the wounded and captured Colonel Corbec. Domor, Cuu, Harjeon, Mkvenner, Dorden, Wheln, Haller and Rafflan also volunteer. Later in the campaign he fights at Bhavnager, and guards the captured Infardi officer after the battle. In Guns Of Tanith, he fights alongside his platoon at both Cirenholm and Ouranberg. During the Algamation between the Tanith First and the Belladon Eighty-First, Garond is switched into J Company, alongside most of Eleven Platoon, under the newly promoted Captain Obel. Much later, he is a member of Gaunt and Criid's section on Gereon, which tries to establish contact with the Resistance, and subsequently comes under attack by the Chaos tank. He survives, and is promoted to Sergeant. He fights bravely at Hinzerhaus, alongside Bonin, Rawne, Rerval, Leyr and Beltayn.

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