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Captain Flyn Meryn is the commanding officer of E Company in the Tanith 1st. He is a Tanith born, and one of the youngest officers in the regiment. Once a fresh faced, likeable Corporal, Meryn fell under the wing of Rawne and following his promotion took on a hard nosed, ruthless demeanour that lost him respect among his peers. Meryn was promoted to Captain during the amalgamation with the Belladon 81st, a decision many feel was poor. Meryn was grievously wounded at Hinzerhaus.

Appearance Edit

Meryn is described as having a small, compact build, and is in his early twenties. Often noted as being a handsome devil, Meryn in more recent times has taken to having a sinister moustache and usually bears a scowl or sarcastic smirk in a similar way to his mentor.

Personality Edit

Initially, Meryn bore the same eager, hard working and good natured in the same vain as Caffran and a number of other younger members of the regiment. He led his charges while a Corporal through confidence and quick thinking, and was well regarded.

However, his personality has taken a massive change in direction due to the corrosive nature of his mentor, Major Rawne. He now has a scornful and cynical attitude, and a ruthless and often questionable mindset towards soldiering that borders on the unneccesary. This change was noticed by many, and often his dark humour and misplaced scepticism led to ill-feeling and resentment.

After entering a relationship with Jessi Banda, following Rawne's departure on the Gereon mission, Meryn made the effort to assert himself as top dog in that particular group of the regiment, and his promotion was questioned by some. After Rawne's return, and the Major retaking his company from Meryn, the young Captain was forced to act more like Rawne than ever to save his position.

Early Life & Background Edit

Next to nothing has been divulged about Meryn's life before the regiment, aside from the fact that he joined at 18 and lived in Tanith Magna before the founding.

The Tanith 1st Edit