Eszrah ap Niht


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Nihtgane Partisan
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Eszrah ap Niht is Gaunt's personal bodyguard and aide in the Tanith 1st Regiment. He is technically owned by his commanding officer after being 'given' to him by Eszrah's father and Nihtgane chieftain, Cynhed ap Niht, as a token of gratitude on Gereon. Eszrah, dubbed Ezrah Night by a number of his comrades, has since been 'domesticated' following his intergration into the Imperial Guard, including learning low Gothic and the ability to read. He still uses the partisan Wode and his reynbow weapon, however. He has personally saved Gaunt's life on no less than 9 occasions, and has accompanied him into battle on every field since coming into his possession. Eszrah and Mkoll discovered Gaunt during their daeda waeg against the Blood Pact on Jago.


During the closing actions on Urdesh Ezrah defends Meritous Chass the child who is discovered to be the daughter of Ibrahm Gaunt from Captain Wilder and Sergeant Gendler who planned to coerce Meritous into giving them money.

Ezrah kills Gendler but is in return betrayed and killed by Captain Meryn who desires to cover his tracks and then coerces Commissar Blenner to execute Wilder so the men are kept from discovery of any affiliation with the assault.