The Ershul-as named by the Ayanti Zwiel, litterally meaning "a Chelon which eats its own dung"- were the arch enemy force present on the Shrineworld of Hagia (Honour Guard). They called themselves Infardi, a local term meaning pilgrim, as a means of desecration, for they sought to corrupt everything pure on the holy Shrineworld of Hagia. Wearing long green robes common to the Imperial pilgrims that travelled the route of the saint in times fast, they perversely covered their bodies in unholy tattoes. Despite their first appearance as just another band of cultist, the Ershul showed themselves to be staunch foes when encountered in numbers, displaying complex tactics, which though viewed as insance by Imperial inalisists, were none the less effective. At the time of the Hagian campaign they were lead by the enigmatic Pater Sin, a being of profound moral charisma, who was preumaby the mastermind behind the whole archenemy conquest of the Shrineworld. The whole cult was presumably destroyed sept for Pater Sin after the Adeptus Mechanicus defence grid on the planet came online and killed everything influenced by Chaos on the planet.

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