Ennok Ennokenti


Chaos Warlord, Trusted Magister of Archon Gaur

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Featured in:

Sabbat Martyr

Ennok Ennokenti was a Chaos Warlord and Magister, and one of the most trusted lieutenants of Archon Urlock Gaur. An extravagent and massive lord, Ennokenti was intrusted by his master to mount a flank attack on Sabbat World Crusade Forces in the Khan group. He used a mass conveyance vessel for transport, had a dedicated force of Retinue troops and his own life-ward, Etrodai. When news broke of the re-incarnation of Saint Sabbat, Ennokenti took the matter into his own hands and tasked the nine with her assassination. Following their failure, he took the field personally, with the intention of killing the Saint personally.

The Sabbat Worlds Edit

Intitially commanding one of the three Chaos hosts attacking the Crusade forces along it's coreward flank, Ennokenti was then tasked by Gaur to lead a devastating counter-attack against Crusade forces in the Khan sector, leading to the Crusade effort's stagnation.

(Straight Silver 2004, Sabbat Martyr 2005)

The Return of the Saint Edit

The Nine Edit

Following his receiving of intelligence regarding the re-incarnation of the Saint on Herodor, Ennokenti decided to handle the situation himself, and using the lore of the Beati, tasked nine assassins (A marksman, three psykers, three reptiles, a phantom and a death machine) with the assignment to locate and kill the Saint as part of the vast Blood Pact force he unleashed upon the planet. He had them taken to his frigate where they were briefed, each of them forced to stand with their back to the warlord.

(Sabbat Martyr, 2005)

Taking the Field Edit

Following the failings of the nine to achieve their goal, and the heightened symbolic events occuring within the Civitas Beati, Ennokenti and his retinue personally landed on Herodor, with the Warlord possessing the desire to kill the Saint personally. He led the assault on Old Hive, the final stand of the Beati and her forces, and took his retinue through the various levels towards her place at the main concourse. Spurned on by fury at the news that the efforts on Herodor had caused defeat at Morlond, and that pilgrims were attacking his armies, Ennokenti elevated his speed untill he led the final assault in the hive's upper levels.

In a titanic clash, Ennokenti duelled with the Saint herself on the concourse in a battle that lasted several minutes. It was ended when the Saint, heavily wounded in the clash, disenboweled him. With their leader dead, the magister's force fell back and were slowly destroyed, their resolve destoyed.

(Saint Sabbat, 2005)

Trivia Edit

  • Third prior mentioned Chaos warlord to be killed during the endgame of the book they feature in (after Heritor Asphodel and Saggiter Slaith).
  • Is the book's primary antagonist despite only appearing in the prologue and the final three chapters.

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