Trooper/Adjutant Dughan Beltayn
Before the Regiment
Communications Officer, Tanith Magna Militia
First Appearance
Honour Guard
Last Appearance
Only in Death
Book Count

Trooper Dughan Beltayn is Gaunt's adjutant and personal aide in the Tanith 1st Regiment. A 30 something technical expert of small build, Beltayn, often referred to as 'Bel', was a comms operator before he was assigned to Gaunt following Raglon's promotion to Sergeant. Beltayn is a fairly quiet man with good manners but is a fierce fighter when called upon. Well known for his phrase "Something's awry", Bel is occasionally and rather unfairly seen as being a nervous desk soldier. Was one of the Gereon 12.

Appearance Edit

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