Scout Trooper Doyl was one of the regiment’s elite scouts, and one of Mkoll’s favoured men. Widely respected by the men of his Platoon (Soric’s) he was picked for the Larisel operation, and assigned to Adare's squad. When the squad was uncovered and subsequently split up, Doyl accompanied Adare and Phantine Trooper Cardinale in a futile last stand. Adare was soon killed by one of the loxatl mercenaries, and Cardinale soon afterwards. Doyl fought bravely until the end, his last words a defiant ‘The Emperor Protects’. He was killed when a loxatl fired explosive rounds into his eye, then broke his neck. After his death His and Adare's corpses were displayed by the Chaos Commander of the Ouranberg Occupation, Saggitar Slaith. A friend of Soric, he was missed by all of 4th platoon.

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