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Captain Dohan 'Shoggy' Domor is the commanding officer of G Company in H Company of the Tanith 1st. A Tanith born, Domor started out as a trooper before first making Sergeant and then Captain during the amalgamation with the Belladon 81st. On Menazoid Epsilon, Domor lost his eyes in a fire fight, and as a result has been fixed with an augmetic pair that give him the resemblance to a frog native to Tanith from which his nickname originates. Domor is considered to be one of the most loyal of the Ghosts and is a fair man of great intelligence. His eyes give him a much appreciated boost of vision. Domor was grievously injured, and became the first casualty, at the start of the Hinzerhaus campaign.

Appearance Edit

Domor is described as being a fairly handsome youngish man in his twenties, with a compact physique (much like his friend, Caffran).

He bears a pair of oversized augmentic eye sockets, due to a facial injury substained at Menazoid Epsilon from a weapon firing explosive barbs (similar to the Loxatl flechette weapons), which despite giving him the advantage of heat vision, give him a resemblance to a Tanith tree frog, hence the nickname.

Personality Edit

A capable and well like leader, Domor has advanced through the ranks through strength of character and good favour due to his polite demeanour and easy going attitude. He is a likeable man with little ill mind to members of the regiment, and is affectionally respected due to his undoubted courage and sound tactical mind.

Early Life & Background Edit

Before joining the regiment at the founding, Domor was an apprentice timber haulier with a good education in engineering, making him the perfect candidate for mine-sweeping and also giving him a decent eye for electrical systems, as shown at both Fortis Binary and Hinzerhaus.

The Tanith 1st Edit