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Sergeant Dermon Caffran was a squad leader in Meryn's E Company, and one of the original Tanith in the Tanith 1st regiment. He was one of the youngest original foundees at just 18, with only Brin Milo being more junior. He was a trooper in Rawne's platoon before his promotion as part of the organisation of the 81st/1st, and retained his NCO post following it's disbandment. He was popular among the Ghosts for his fair and friendly attitude, and had a close relationship with Tona Criid that saw him become the surrogate father of Dalin and Yoncy Criid. He was one of the best tread fether operators within the regiment and got something of a reputation for his aim. He was shot, with a fallen squad mate's lasgun, and killed by a civilian child (aged 10) during the Liberation of Gereon.

Appearance Edit

Caffran is described as being quite small and compact, short for a Tanith, with a thin, handsome face. He usually doned a shaved head. He had a blue dragon tattoo on his temple.


Caffran was a fairly polite and friendly type, with a sense of kindness and honour which eventually led to his relationship with Criid. Despite this, he was very efficient and could fight as well as any other Tanith, a testament to his placement in Rawne's 3rd Platoon. This allowed him to display a degree of fighting courage without resorting to aggressive behaviour exhibited by the likes of Feygor and Brostin.

He exhibits great intelligence and command potential at times and only his age seemed to prevent him from getting an earlier promotion. This seemed particularly true at Oskray Island.

Early Life & Background Edit

Much of Caffran's life on Tanith is not known, although he was an apprentice engineer in the wood mills of the Tanith outlying towns.

It is also known that he had a lover, named Laria. He joined the regiment as part of the founding at 18.

The Tanith 1st Edit


As portrayed by Lexicanum

Following the re-organisation of the regiment, Caffran was one of the youngest men, along with the likes of Meryn and Domor. He was folded into 3rd Platoon, Rawne's group, as a trooper.

Early Victories Edit

During the assault on the Bokore dam at Voltemand, Caffran and Gades are pinned behind a stone pillar during early exchanges, and Caffran is able to join Corbec's brutal counter attack. He nearly drowns later after the sluices are opened, and is helped by Meryn.

(A Blooding, 1999)

During the aerial assault on Nero hive (Caligula), Caffran is in the drop ship which swerves off course and ends up in a subterrainean forest hollow. He is part of Rawne's patrol that runs into the initial fire-fight with Chaos forces, and escapes with the rest of the Ghosts when they discover a shuttle.

(The Hollows of Hell, 1997)

Caffran is later part of the detail sent from Nero to Calphernia as an escort for a relief convoy, led by Bragg. Caffran shares an outrider bike with Meryn, acting as driver. They rescue Mkdendrick during the ambush, and survive the engagement when air cover arrives.

(That Hideous Strength, 1998)

Caffran was part of the volunteer detail who stayed behind at the aid station on Nacedon to protect Dorden and his patients, under the command of Corbec. He is part of the vicious night-long gun battle to defend the station and it's Volpone patients.

(Blood Oath, 1998)

Fortis Binary Edit

While acting as a messenger, Caffran is invited to have an Officer's breakfast with Gaunt in his command station at the Tanith section of trenchline. While enjoying the meal he is unaccustomed to, he has a conversation with Gaunt regarding their surroundings when Milo predicts the Shriven assault. Their line is shelled, and Caffran follows Gaunt out into the ensuing carnage. After being knocked down by a shockwave, he is helped up by Gaunt and joins the counter attack.

Caffran ends up in a group led by Major Rawne, which includes Feygor, Varl and Larkin. As they push further into enemy territory, Caffran is forced to tend to Varl when his shoulder is vaporised. After Varl is taken in by medics, Caffran pushes on but is cut off from the group by more shell fire.

Awaking some time later, Caffran finds himself alone in the wastelands, believing that the rest of his unit is dead. Disarmed, he runs into a Vitrian soldier, Zogat, and the two elect to hide in a crater as the bombardment continues. After a while, the two have a conversation about their respective regiments, and their attitudes towards war. Caffran tells Zogat the story of Tanith's demise, the first time he has related these events, and realises he is becoming angry with the memories. He denies hating Gaunt for the choice to abandon Tanith, though he acknowldges that there is a part of him that will never forgive him. When the shellfire stops, Caffran and Zogat begin to make their way back to Imperial lines, contemplating that they may be the only survivors of the battle.

Both later rejoin their units after the Tanith/Vitrian force destroy the Shriven's bunker network.

(First and Only)