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Trooper Dalin Criid is Meryn's adjutant in E Company. He is a Vervunhiver, and is the second youngest solider in the regiment, after Felyx Chass. He is the adopted son of Tona Criid, and the brother of Yoncy Criid. He is the biological son of Gol Kolea. Dalin, then 10, and Yoncy, a baby, were rescued by a 16-year old Criid after their real mother, Livy Kolea, was killed during bombardment to Carriage Station C4/A. She looked after them throughout the siege, and they later became part of the regiment's baggage train after Criid signed up, where they were looked after by the First's followers when Criid and her partner Caffran were unable to. After reaching the age of 18, Dalin enrolled in RIP detail with the intention of joining the regiment, but before graduating was part of the reserve activation for the assault on Gereon. After surving the war, Dalin rejoined his regiment and became a Ghost proper. His first action was on Jago.

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