Outhabs, Vervunhive, Verghast

Before the Regiment...

Loom worker

First Appearance

The Guns of Tanith

Last Appearance

Only in Death

Book Count

Corporal Chiria is the second of command to 'Shoggy' Domor in H Company of the Tanith 1st. A plain faced Verghasite who was scarred during action on Phantine, Chiria was a loom girl along with the likes of Banda and Muril before the Vervunhive war, and joined the regiment as part of the act of consolation.Chiria occasionaly displays a regret about her facial injury, but is usually strong and firm and brooks no argument. She took the brevet rank of Captain and led H Company for the majority of the regiment's stay at Hinzerhaus.

Appearance Edit

Chiria is described as having plain looks and a heavy set build, with her face having been permanently scarred following shrapnel wounds taken at Phantine.

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