Genadey Novobazky




Commissariat Agent, 81/1st Recon Regiment

Current Status


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His Last Command

Commissar Genadey Novobazky was one of the two Commissar's attached to the 81st/1st Recon Regiment, along with Hark. A stern but charismatic man, Novobazky enjoyed a good working relationship and friendship with his commanding officer, Lucien Wilder, and was well respected by the rank and file. Desribed by Wilder as the best talker he had ever seen, and with a turn of phrase and nack for story telling that was seen as inspirational, Novobazky was an indespensable member of the regiment, although his focus on Belladon folklore meant he was of more use to them then the Tanith and Verghastites following the amalgamation.

Appearance Edit

Novobazky was desribed as being grizzled and lithe with a grim demeanour and a disapproving glance that was often highly effective when it came to maintaining discipline.

The Belladon 81st Edit

Novobazky served as part of the 81st for five years, quickly coming into his own as a Commissar of real prowess and efficiency. He was brought in as a replacement for another Commissar, Causkon, who was described as being 'a real sap'.

Following the battle on Khan III, Novobazky was the only surving agent of the Commissariat within the regiment.

81st/1st Edit

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