Viktoria Balshin


Chief Commissariat Authority, Crusade 5th Army

Tanith Status


Current Status


First Appearance

His Last Command

Last Appearance

The Armour of Contempt
Commissar-General 'Viktoria Balshin is the current ranking Commissar within the Crusade Fifth Army Command Staff, and thus it's senior representative in Van Voytz's army. Although Balshin's main duty is ensuring the maintenance of discipline and morale, she has personally seen to making sure that any taint is expunged as soon as it emerges, and has an almost puritain devotion verging on fantaticism. It has been said that in order to achieve her rank, she has had to be more hardline and ruthless than her male counterparts. Balshin's obssession with finding taint with Gaunt and the Gereon 12 has left her reviled by the Tanith 1st.

Appearance Edit

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