Gizhaum Danver De Banzi Haight Gilbear


Regimental Commander, Volpone 3rd

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Colonel Gizhaum Danver De Banzi Haight Gilbear is the commander of the Volpone Bluebloods 3rd Regiment. As a Major, he was formerly the adjutant to Lord-General Noches Sturm, supreme commander of the Volpone units. A huge man, taller than Gaunt and Corbec at two and a half metres, Gilbear exhauled of the pomposity and high born arrogance of the Volpone aristocracy. Gilbear, formerly an antaginostical snob who had personally fought Corbec and despised Gaunt and the Tanith, came around and worked with the Ghosts after taking command of the Volpone at Vervunhive. He is currently believed to have taken Sturm's command and still with the Volpone in reserve status.

Appearance Edit

Gilbear is described as being a huge two and half metre tall man in his thirties, with big, blunt and bland features. His eyes are languidly hooded in the way of most Volpone aristocrats, and he bears a boxer's jaw.

Personality Edit

In the early stages, Gilbear was seen as being an often tactless and overly aggressive officer with a blunt superiority complex and little patience for anyone he sees as being less civil then himself. His unfliching loyalty to his master, Sturm, manifested itself frequently and he often reacted with indecent outrage to any percieved slur.

When it became clear that circumstances had changed, Gilbear became more accomadating towards Gaunt and his men, seeing the honour in fighting alongside them. It became clear that although highly charged, he also didn't see himself as being above Imperial law.

Early Life & Background Edit

As a young man, Gilbear was a champion boxer on Volpone, immensely powerful ever compared to the naturally massive population. He came from a highly placed family of aristocrats, and his rank and eventual career was decreed by his origins and name rather than by his own merits.

The Volpone Bluebloods Edit

After becoming part of the Volpone command echelons, Gilbear took up the much vaunted position as personal adjutant to General Sturm, the commander of five Volpone regiments and one of the most respected officers from the noble ruled world.

During the early stages of this career, Gilbear fought in the battle of Ignix Majeure, a famous defeat which would become the scourge of the previously umblemished record of the Volpone.

First Contact with the Tanith Edit

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