Cirenholm is one of the major sky cities of Phantine, and is an economically valued assest due to it's vapour mills. Cirenholm was the site of a vicious battle of liberation during it's time under Chaos occupation.

Structure & Culture Edit

Layout Edit

Cirenholm is divided into three sectors, each one constituting a dome shaped single structure of varying sizes. These are named Alpha, Beta and Gamma dome.

Population Edit

An estimated ______ people reside within Cirenholm, and are situated within _____ Dome. These people vary from mill workers to workers within the retail industries and the families of the workers, as well as a small contingent of it's dedicated defense force and arbites.

Industry Edit

The main outlay from Cirenholm is the vast quantities of fuel reserves acquired from the vaporu mills for which Phantine is famous. The various vapur mills distill the natural gases from the planets surface, beneath the deadly Scald clouds, into promethium. This prodcution makes Phantine a vital supply of fuel for the Segmentum Pacificus and ultimately resulted in the planets capture by the Ruinous Powers and then the subsequent battles for control, as the mills were too important to be stamped on from orbit.

Chaos Occupation & Liberation Edit

Under Occupation Edit

In early ____....

Initial Attack Edit

The main Imperial assault on Cirenholm was conducted via the highly experimental air drop assault, which involved elements of the Tanith 1st, Phantine Skyborne, Urdeshi 7th Storm Troop and the Krassian 6th.

Battle for Alpha Dome Edit

The assault...

Battle for Beta Dome Edit

Beta Dome's liberation was assigned to the Tanith, who...

Battle for Gamma Dome Edit

The Phantine Skyborne were tasked with the

Post-War Edit

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