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Sergeant Ceglan Varl is a squad leader in Major Rawne's B Company of the Tanith 1st. He is one of the original Tanith foundees, and one of the Regiment's more popular and well known officers. A former Trooper, Varl is seen as a soldier's officer, much like his commanding officer, Gol Kolea, and is known for his good humour and horseplay. Varl had a cybernetic augmentic shoulder fitted following an injury on Fortis Binary. He was one of the Gereon 12.

Appearance Edit

Varl is described as being fairly clean cut and handsome, roughly in his early thirties with a winning smile and wink.

Personality Edit

A joker and prankster, Varl is one of the most popular members of the regiment due to his warm personality and gallows humour. He is a dog soldier by nature and one of the officers who lead by example rather than by simply ordering around others. He has a decent level or intelligence as both a squad leader and also as a con-man when it comes to betting schemes.

Despite his horseplay, Varl is portrayed as being a caring sort who can be serious when there is a call for it. He shows deep concern when Kolea risks his personal safety at Cirenholm, and takes a special interest in the welfare of the likes of Brin Milo.

Since returing from Gereon, Varl has shown a harder more buttoned down side and is highly reluctant to talk about his experiences, and has been shown to be shorter with his comrades. Despite this, he still embodies a sense of humour and brotherhood.

Early Life & BackgroundEdit

Little has been revealed about Varl's early life, aside from the fact that he originated from Tanith Magna and served as a member of it's militia before joining the founding.

The Tanith 1st Edit