Simeon Arcuda


Main Spine, Vervunhive, Verghast

Before the Regiment

Vervun Primary Officer

First Appearance

Honour Guard

Last Appearance

Only in Death

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Captain Arcuda is the leader of N Company in the Tanith 1st regiment. Arcuda, a Verghasite, joined following the act of consolation and has been promoted twice since signing up for the regiment. Before joining, Arcuda was a member of the Vervun Primary. He is seen as being a solid and reliable officer, with a decent understanding with his men and well respected.

Appearance Edit

Arcuda is described as having a long, thin doeful face, and a medium build.

Personality Edit

Little is divulged about Arcuda's personality, although he has been described as being a highly loyal and devoted officer, with a head strong attitude and a good air of command about him.

Pre-Tanith 1st Edit