Cadogus 52nd
Unit Designation: Mechanised Infantry
Commanding Officer: Colonel Bacler
Status: Active
Featured in: Only in Death
The Cadogus 52nd Regiment is a mechanised Infantry unit currently serving with the Sabbat Worlds Crusade Force, most recently during the purge campaign on Jago. An experienced and vesitaile frontline formation, the Cadogus bear khaki colouring and are frequently used on desert worlds and moons. They utilised Chimeras and Salamander tank variants for personnel transport, and hydra chassis baslisk variants and Leman Russes as heavy support. Their contingent also includes a unit of sanctioned psykers, one of whom was the level 5 psyker Agun Soric.

Jago Edit

It was their advance at Jago that eventually relieved the Tanith 1st Regiment at Hinzerhaus, driving off the massed force of besieging Blood Pact. Prior to the this they had been held up during a ferocious pitched armour battle in the Banzie Altids, but had sent one of their senior officers - Major Berenson - and his chief tactician Karples to them to act as an envoy, but their transport was shot down.

After eventually breaking through the Blood Pact lines, the Cadogus were able to assault the armies besieging Hinzerhaus from behind, butchering them mercilessly and driving them into the mountains. During this time, a detachment led personally by Colonel Bacler picked up a detachment of Tanith under Commissar Hark who had attempted to escape Hinzerhaus with important intelligence via a Valkiriye, which was shot down.

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