Trooper/Sergeant Burone, one of the more experienced Verghastite Ghosts, was a Vervun Primary veteran, and mine clearance specialist who proved himself as a level headed solider on many occasions. Though a background character of limited narrative importance he is mentioned fairly frequently in the Saint, Lost and Victory arcs.

During the battle for Bhavanger Burone was sent in ahead of the armoured support to clear a path through the minefields to Town, Domor, on the same duties, was less than amused at the possibility of a Verghastite beating a Tanith, so went in with his own team.  Despite heavy coverfire from Tanith sharpshooters, both teams’ met fierce resistance, most of the troopers were killed, and Burone left wounded by gunfire.

After the Tour on Hagia, Burone was promoted to Sergeant and led his platoon through the campaigns on Phantine, Aexe Cardinale and Herodor. On Gereon he was one of the men chosen by Gaunt to act as his escort to his meeting with the Resistance cell in Cayfer, Burone came full circle at Salvations Reach when he was pressed back into action at as a minesweeper in Pollo’s clearance team. He was killed alongside several others by shrapnel after an accident with the drill being used to gain acess into the Reach.

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