Brin Milo


Tanith Magna, Tanith

Before the Regiment

Piper boy, servant to the house of Tanith Elector

Current Status

Presumed Alive

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First and Only

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Sabbat Martyr

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Trooper Brin Milo, Brin Milo or just Milo was a member of Corbec's 2nd Platoon in the Tanith 1st, and was the youngest man in the regiment. He had previously served as Gaunt's adjutant after the Colonel-Commissar rescued him from the fires of Tanith Magna. The only civilian to escape Tanith, Milo served in a non militant capacity for two years untill he reached 18 and thus old enough to qualify as a guardsman. Known for his rabble rousing pipes and determined effeciency, Milo for a long time was shunned by the men due to both being a civilian and also for his uncanny abilities of prediction. This 'gift' was almost used against him on one occasion and always played a part in his life. Milo is currently presumed alive and travelling with the saint. Although subjected to questioning by Inquistor Lilth, Milo was NOT discovered to be a psyker. (Though it is mentioned in Agun Soric's notes that he is 'special' and just doesn't know it)

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