The Blood Pact are the personal retinue of Archon Urlock Gaur, and the chosen elite of the Chaos forces within the Sabbat Worlds.

Reports of their presence first became widespread around the time of the battle for Phantine, with rumours of scarred men in blood dyed uniforms wearing iron grotesques with ferocious fighting ability. They were encountered first hand by the Tanith 1st, Phatine Skyborne and Urdeshi during the assault on Cirenholm, and would earn a reputation as a well drilled but fanatic unit.

They consider the Tanith, whom they have fought on numerous occasions, to be their nemesis.

Founding & OriginsEdit

The Blood Pact were created by Gaur as his means of becoming the Archon Warlord of the Sabbat Worlds. They were based on the Imperial Guard structure, and boasted some of the finest Chaos soldiers in the segmentum. It was on the grounds of their effectiveness that Gaur earned his command.

Rituals & TraditionsEdit


Ritual ScarringEdit

Ritual scarification is commonplace amongst the troopers of the Blood Pact; Ibram Gaunt's testimony indicates that hand scars are considered the most significant. According to Gaunt, new inductees into the Blood Pact confirm their allegiance by slicing open the palms of their hands along the edges of the Archon's armour to solemnize the pact.


Cirenholm & OuranbergEdit

On Phantine the Blood Pact were first encoutnered by the Tanith First and Only. They showed themselves to be a resourcefull and cunning foe, luring the regiments that were assualting their fortified mountaintop cities into several ambushes which left hundreds dead. The Blood Pact turned what was supposed to be a hard fought victory into grueling bloodbath on Phantine as they showed that the forces of Chaos too can field forces that are capable of acting as efficient soldiers, not the mindless fanatics that the Imperial tacticians had presumed them to be.

Aexe CardinaleEdit


Ancreon SextusEdit



A Blood Pact insertion team was deployed to Balhaut under the command of Eyl Damogaur. Their mission was to assassinate Mabbon Etogaur, a high-ranking former Blood Pact officer who had defected to the Sons of Sek (a rival army within the Archon's forces established by his lieutenant Anakawar Sek with the intention of launching a coup against Gaur) and then been captured by the Imperium, before Mabbon could reveal critical information to the Imperial forces. The insertion team came close to achieving their goal, but were ultimately thwarted by the efforts of Ibram Gaunt, the Tanith First and Only and the interference of Handro Rime, an agent of Sek posing as an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus to infiltrate Imperial Command.

Tanith RivalryEdit

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