Berenson Doppelganger was an artificial/psychic manifestation of the Cadogus 52nd's deceased officer, Major Berenson, who appeared at Hinzerhaus and acted in it's defense during the Blood Pact siege, along with Karples Doppelgänger. The nature of this appearance and the existence of a physically manifested doppelganger is a mystery, and no explanation has been put forward. The anamoly ceased to be after the Valkiryie it was flying in was shot down in the Banzie Altids by the Blood Pact.

Appearance at Hinzerhaus Edit

Despite the fact that a personnel transporting Valkiryie carrying Major Berenson and Tactician Karples was shot down and destroyed en route to Hinzerhaus for a tactical de-brief, the defending Tanith elements positively sighted an identical aircraft put down and unload the two perished officers. For the following few days, Berenson and Karples worked within the regiment, including giving a personal brief to Ibram Gaunt. During the battle for Upper West 16, Karples Doppelganger was grievously wounded and died shortly after, while Berenson doppelganger was non-fatally injured.

When an effort was made to extract the House-Fortress's literary stockpile to Elikon, Berenson Doppelganger joined the detail led by Commissar Hark to defend it. The Valkiriye carrying the books and troops was shot down in Banzie Pass, and it was presumed that Berenson had died in the crash. However, through a conversation with another Cadogus officer, Colonel Bacler, revealed that Berenson's bird and life were lost 5 days prior.

Throughout Berenson Doppelganger's stay with the Tanith, and was remarked upon by many that he bore a striking resemblance to one of their deceased men, Dermon Caffran, which may give some clue as to the nature of it's existence.

Unanswered Questions Edit

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