Before the Regiment

Roaming Imhava Ayatani

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Honour Guard

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Only in Death

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Ayatani Zweil is the priest assigned to the Tanith 1st at the request of Gaunt. He is an imhava ayatani, a roaming priest, who preached in the name of the Saint and was picked up by the regiment on Hagia. He now travels with them to bless the men, take confession and also to provide sage council to Gaunt and his senior officers. He is highly eccentric, and on a number of occasions it is suggested that one of the reasons he is kept around is for amusement purposes. On this note, Zweil is described as a 'Jestyr' by Eszrah in the old Nihtgane tongue. He is elderley, and often frail due his age and a stroke suffered on Herodor. Zweil often has a disquitening sense of premonition that has its uses.

Appearance Edit

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