Aongus Brostin


Tanith Magna, Tanith

Before the Regiment

Firefighter, arsonist

First Appearance

First and Only

Last Appearance

Only in Death

Book Count

Flame-Trooper Aongus Brostin is the senior flamer operator, and a member of Rawne's B Company, in the Tanith 1st. A reknowned pyromaniac, Brostin's obssesion with fire ranges from chain smoking to his barrage special weapon, Mister Yellow. For a long time, Brostin was dismissed as just being one of Rawne's cronies, as a member of the old 3rd Platoon. Despite this, Brostin proved his skills and value to Gaunt with his marshalling of the under-appreciated flame troopers of the regiment and ability to exploit his true love at the expense of the enemy. Brostin was a member of the Gereon 12.

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