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Upper Hive Spine, Vervunhive, Verghast

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Surgeon Ana Curth is the joint chief medical officer for the Tanith 1st Regiment. Originally a surgeon from the upper hives of Vervunhive, Curth joined the regiment as part of the Act of Consolation. Hard nosed and strict, Curth is also seen as a friendly face among the regiment and her skills cannot be doubted. Curth has destroyed a wire wolf personally, and has been commended frequently for her bravery. Was a member if the Gereon 12. Curth stayed behind on the Chaos held world along with Mkvenner while the rest of the team escaped, and rejoined the regiment when they arrived for the liberation.

Appearance Edit

Curth is described as being fairly short in stature, although with a straight up posture, and a physically fit if not muscled physique. She has brown eyes and hair, and an appealing heart shaped face.

She is often said to be one of the most attractive women in the regiment.

Following her time on Gereon, Curth has been far more malnourished looking, with a sunken appearance which hasn't yet faded.

Personality Edit