Aldo Dercius


Former Commander, Jantine Patricians

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First and Only

General Aldo 'Uncle' Dercius was the former commanding officer of the Jantine Patricians, an elite heavy infantry division. He was a close personal friend and the commanding officer of Ibram Gaunt's father, Ibram Gaunt Snr, and was a family friend. Dercius was a massive influence on Gaunt's life from an early age and took a special interest in his wellfare. Dercius was killed in an honour duel with Gaunt on Khedd 1173 after Gaunt disovered that Dercius's betrayal led directly to the death of his father.

Dercius fathered an illegitimate son, Draker Flense, who later became the Commanding officer of the Jantine.

Jantine Command & Gaunt's Betrayal Edit

Dercius had personal command of the Jantine Patricians for almost thirty years, and achieved a great number of notable victories for them during this time. Despite his rank, Dercius bore an old fashioned rapport with his men and was friends with many of them, such as Oric.

A close personal friend of Gaunt Snr, Dercius has command of the regiments while his subaltern was tasked with it's elite task force. With Gaunt Snr away with the regiment for long periods of time, Dercius often visited his son, young Ibram, and brought him gifts and stories of his father's adventures. However, at Kentaur, during a cleansing campaign against an Ork host, a Jantine assault went disasterously wrong, and Gaunt's Elite Unit were trapped as a result. Seeing defeat looming, Dercius instead retreated his forces and left Gaunt and his men to die, later covering up the event. He visited a then four year old Ibram Gaunt Jnr to tell him the news, also giving him his signet ring as a way of distracting him.