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Sergeant Agun Soric was the leader of 20th Platoon in the Tanith 1st, and one of the oldest serving men in the regiment. He was seen, along with Kolea, as a father figure to many of the Vervunhivers in the First. He was popular for his rabble rousing charisma and sense of humour. He was the leader of a scratch company, mainly consisting of men from his smeltery works, during the war, and joined the regiment as part of the act of consolation. Soric was the seventh son of a seventh son in his family line, which meant he inherited an element of witchcraft, although this did not occur untill he was grievously wounded at Cirenholm. At Herodor, he used this gift to warn Gaunt of the Nine, but was detained and taken away to the black ships as a result, using his pychic powers to send Hark the feeble message "help me", in his trademark message shell. Soric came to be on Jago unbenownst to his old regiment in the form of a sanctioned psyker of the Cadogus 52nd Mechanised, where his unearthly attempts to contact the Tanith 1st lead to many of the regiment believing Jago to be cursed. Commisar Viktor Hark finally gave peace to him when he discovered his tragic fate, claiming that Soric was a threat to stave of reprisals, his duty to the Imperium finally done.

Appearance Edit

Soric is described as being a squat, bullish man in his fifties, with a ragged beard and craggy face. He beared a scarred, missing eye. which he refuses to wear a patch over or be replaced by a bionic implant, and permanent limp from injuries substained during the initial Zoican bombardment at the start of the Vervunhive war.

Upon being made a sanctioned psyker he had his eyes and mouth sewn up, as well as his ears being sheared off and replaced by hefty bionic replacements so as to increase his pychic potential, and was wreck of his former self after his treatment at the hands of the warden's of the Black Ships.

Personality Edit

Soric was portrayed as being friendly, charasmatic and determined. His leadership skills were evident to the higher command when he took control of a Vervunhive stratch company mainly comprising his smeltery company workers, who adored him for his strength and fatherly instincts. Despite this, there was always an edge to him, a free-rolling emotional curve that made him more prone to anger and mood swings.

Early Life & Background Edit